Customer Experience

The Customer and Employee Experience- these two have a tight connection which directly impacts the top and bottom line of the company:

The Customer Experience is considered to be nowadays the main differentiating strategy which creates value for the organization. In the course, we will clearly divulge in what is the differentiating customer experience strategy is in the digital era, how to understand the emotional and functional needs of the customers, hot to design innovative customer journeys, how to measure and manage the customer experience and which technologies to use in order to support it.


Employee Experience

Meet the Millennials - a new generation of young workers with different concepts and different expectations. In the course we will investigate the following questions: what are the characteristics of the young employees, how the organization can stand out competing for them (recruitment and retention) and in the broader aspect: how to create employee engagement that positively impacts the customer experience.



Design Thinking

Design thinking is a business strategy of matching possible solutions that matches people's needs. Not another B2B or B2C but an H2H, meaning human to human. What are the working phases of the Design Thinking and how do we apply them in order to solve problems and confront challenges within the organization?



Data and Analytics

Data is the biggest untapped asset of an organization. The intelligent organizations run themselves using the data they have intelligently, efficiently and in a way that adapts to the customers’ needs by personalization. These organizations are leaders in each field. How can you benefit from its value, what is the information that you need towards a better direction of each one of the business processes? How do “new” organizations make daily decisions and strategic decisions, what are the technologies that support this and which qualifications are required from the employees and manager, to ask the right questions and operate on the data and analytics received.

Digital and Marketing technologies

Today there are nearly 4000 technological solutions that can support the organization’s transition into the new world - both facing the customer and internally in the organization. This domain is called Martech (Marketing Technologies). In which domains can these technologies help you and where is the right place to invest your next dollar in? Which solutions have a high ROI and low costs, how to implement the technology in a way that lowers the risk of failure and how to continue having your finger on the pulse and not stagnate.




Driving Innovation

The majority of the organizations (9 out of 10) are failing on executing their strategy. In order to succeed in adopting new methods and working habits of a new economy organization, you must focus on the managing the execution. You need to adopt capabilities such as co-creation, agile collaboration and adapt accordingly. And of course, manage the change so it does not manage you.