Customer Experience Management

"Start With The Customer Experience and Work Backwards"

Steve Jobs

The most successful companies in the world in creating a unique customer experience are those that show much better business performance than their competitors. With the rise of price competition, the pace of changes in customer expectations and technological changes (SoLoMo -Social, Location, Mobile), creating and improving customer experience is considered to be a differentiating strategy that is difficult to imitate.

This does not happen by chance - it is a planned and methodical process that includes structured tools and processes that come from the worlds of strategy and innovation management, psychology, analytics and research, technology and information.


In light of the understanding and recognition of the customer experience as a business strategy that creates differentiation, we see that organizations are looking for the managers and professionals who will develop and assimilate it. B-Next Campus is where they will receive the tools and practices that will help them do it successfully.


In the course, we will review the practices and draw on relevant case studies from world-renowned companies in the field of customer experience (Fiverr, Lego, Airbnb, New Zealand Airlines, WeWork and others).

What will you learn during the course?

  • Innovative concepts, tools and processes so you will create a customer experience that is difficult to imitate

  • Trends and research on customer expectations

  • Technological developments (Analytics, Martech & Big Data) and their effect on the world of customer experience

  • Learn to adopt an end-to-end view of the customer life cycle from a multi-channel perspective


The course is structured according to the methodologies of the CXPA - Customer Experience Professionals Association, the international organization of customer experience professionals.


The course will include lecturers from complementary disciplines such as organizational culture, information and technology, academic lecturers (Prof. Abraham Seidman from Simon school of business NY), new economy entrepreneurs (Fiverr, WeWork, Cooladat etc.) and senior managers from leading international organizations in customer experience (Lexus, Cisco etc).

The Program

7 sessions every Tuesday & Sunday. Each session is 4 hours long

The sessions are taking place at WeWork Hazerem Tel Aviv


1 - Customer Experience Trends and Strategy


We will discuss the relationship between CX and business strategy, brand values and core values, the emotional experience and how to create an "emotional signature" of a customer experience. Customer 2020. Prioritizing initiatives and building a work plan for change. How to create the sense of urgency for a customer experience program in the organization.


2 - Customer Insight


VOC (voice of customer), VOE (Voice of Employee). Internal and external information sources and techniques for collecting information (e.g. social media, ethnographic research) and the use of analytics in the world of Big Data.


3 - Design, improvement and innovation of the customer experience


Mapping and analyzing the existing customer experience and designing the new experience in a multi-channel perspective, using the tools of Customer Experience Mapping, Design Thinking, Co-Creation and Innovation in the world. Using empathy map, how to create different experiences for different customers.


4 - Building a customer journey


Hands-on customer journey mapping workshop. Using a mapping methodology and redesigning the customer journey, the participants will undergo an experiential workshop that will give them practical tools and techniques for building customer journeys as an integral part of improving the customer experience in the organization.


5 - Metrics, measurement and ROI and customer experience governance


What are the customer experience metrics, the process of defining the indices and creating cause-effect relationships, understanding the relationship between the CX indices and business metrics and business outcomes, how to build the business case for investing in customer experience (increasing revenue and reducing expenses)

Customer Experience governance - CX processes, routines, organizational structure. Roles, responsibility & Accountability, the role of the Chief Customer Officer, how to implement a customer experience governance program and manage the change.


6 - Customer experience centered Culture


How to create organizational DNA for a customer focused organization. The connection between the employee experience and the customer experience, employee engagement - the critical link in the chain, motivations, training and storytelling as tools to strengthen the organization's culture.


7 - Customer Experience technologies


How to manage the experience across the various touch points, how the mobile, the cloud, and the big data affect the experience and the business models of the companies. Technology is an essential tool for effective and efficient CX, and through a variety of technological tools managers in the modern era can maximize the company's activity. This session will include demonstrations of solutions from various technology vendors in the CX arena.

Course Academic Leader - Keren Shaked

  • Member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and an international Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).


  • Owner and CEO of B-Pro, a boutique consulting firm


  • Experienced professional bridging the business world and the technological world to create a comprehensive solution for organizations. Has expertise in leading customer experience projects in a digital era. Experience working with B2B and B2C companies local and global. Experience in customer loyalty initiatives.


  • Former CEO of Deloitte's consulting group, managed the CRM program at Bank Hapoalim (largest bank is Israel) and led the global information initiative in Teva Pharmaceuticals.


  • Renowned lecturer and facilitator of workshops including CX journey mapping worshops .Guest lecture in BA and MA programs.


  • Specializes in scouting marketing technologies (Martech) and customer experience technolgies.


  • A member of the judges’ panel in the Service and Customer Experience Competition 2015, 2016. Academic leader of the Customer Experience School (CXA) 2015-2017 and B-Next Campus Manager.


  • Loves challenges, people, design and constantly learn new things